I’m Addicted To Sex Toys

Phone sex and sex toys go hand in hand. Everyone knows that! I love browsing my favorite sex shop and seeing what’s new. Recently I’ve been a naughty little anal slut. I started fingering my ass as much as possible, sometimes even during calls while without anyone knowing. I would get so wet so I decided I needed some buttplugs. ASAP! I found a few that were too cute to pass on and when they arrived, well let’s just say that now I can not live without them.

The first one that I tried out was a simple one. It wasn’t too big and it was rubbery, like silicone. I lubed it up and as soon as I pushed it inside me, I got immediately soaking wet. How could that be possible? NO FUCKING IDEA! So I decided to go to the place where most of my fantasies take place, class. The next day I had three classes back to back and decided to wear my cute pink buttplug. When I got to school and parked my car, I couldn’t help myself. My cunnie was so wet, I had to play with it. Then I walked into campus, plugged and ready for a good day!

Every single movement I did when I was sitting in my chair was like torture. I was so soaking wet, that the leggings that I was wearing had a spot. Good thing no one noticed. In between classes, I kept going to the bathroom to rub my pussy. It didn’t even take much for me to cum cause I felt so fucking naughty.

Though I don’t use it every day when I do, I can’t help to feel so fucking horny. Perhaps next time you call me, I’ll be all tight ass will be all plugged up, all you gotta do is ask!

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