Anal Sex – The Night He Brought Me Back – Part Two

Anal Sex – One of my best friends, former colleagues, and lovers.  He had his intense dream  So much that he wrote to me about it.  I was so nervous because of what had happened to me already.  In a wrong way.  He was here for himself.  But for me too.

We talked for a few minutes but we both knew what was about to happen.

He took me upstairs into the night and I knew there was no turning back from here.  But the beauty was that it was natural and primal.  No force at all.  For once.  He undressed me slowly.  He kissed me deeply.  Not very many people really know how to kiss.  He did.  I melted.  Literally.  I don’t even remember him shedding his clothes but all of a sudden there he was.  Kissing me.  Feeling me.  And just like he described in his dream I went down.  Making love and lavishing his bald balls.  Hearing him moan.  His fingers wrapped in my long blonde hair and ease me.  In and Out.

All of a sudden telling me – its time babe.

I got up.  Scared as hell.  He reached over for lube and told me that everything would be okay.  I asked him how?  Crying.  He told me to do a reverse cowgirl and lower myself down in my own way.  I remember focusing on a picture across the room and gritting my teeth.  “You can do this, you can do this.”  And I did it.  All the fucking way.  And I cried.  He just was so sweet and stayed still.  Letting me feel.  Well, whatever I was feeling.

He sat up behind me and kissed my neck and reassured me and we started moving together.  Slowly.  Wrapping his arms around me while we moved together he kept reassuring me.  And something happened.  It started to feel good.  Really good.  He told me he was cumming in my ass and I wanted it.  For the first time in a long time.  I wanted it.

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