Anal sex stories from a size queen

As a size queen, I never thought I would have any anal sex stories. Let’s face it, I like big dicks that are 8-inches or larger, so it is unlikely that I will ever be with a man than will fit up my ass comfortably. Not long ago one of my favorite boy toys came over asking if I would be willing to have anal sex. At 6’4 with a 9-inch cock, I assumed that would be way too much cock ripping open my virgin ass. After a few cocktails and some making out, he had me turned on enough to say yes to giving anal sex a try. From the moment he pulled out his cock, I knew my first anal sex story would be anal sex stories for the ages.

As soon as we walked into my room, he bent me over and ripped off my panties. Next, he spread my ass cheeks and rimmed my ass. He slowly slid his fingers in and out of my wet slit. Feeling his tongue probing in and out of my tight little starfish made my pussy quiver and drip down his hand. His cock hadn’t even touched my pussy yet, and this is shaping up to be one of many more anal sex stories to come.

Once my asshole was wet and ready, slid two fingers into my ass, as I slid two fingers into my dripping cunt.

A shiver ran up my spine as his fingers spread my asshole. I could feel my pussy gripping my fingers as he penetrated deeper into my asshole. Them it happened; he pushed the head of his cock into my virgin asshole. My body shook as he pushed deeper into my asshole. Body temperature dropped as he plunged deeper into me. My body was covered in goosebumps as he fucked my asshole. I screamed out in pain as 9-inches of cock was shoved into my asshole. As he ripped through my ass I thought he was going to rip me apart. I screamed and begged for him to pull his cock out, but he wouldn’t hear it. He just kept pounding into my asshole.

Just when I thought that the first of my anal sex stories was going to be the last of my anal sex stories, something changed. I could feel waves of orgasm rising through my body. It was one of the most intense feelings I have ever had and I wanted more. I grabbed an 8-inch dildo from my nightstand and shoved it into my waiting snatch. Having both of my dripping holes filled brought me even closer to orgasm. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass.

Then the warm sensation of a hot load of cum filling up my asshole. It was more than I could stand, as he filled my ass with cum, my pussy exploded onto my dildo, wetting the sheets.

He pulled his cock out and I laid on the bed. Shaking with cum dripping out of my ass trying to catch my breath. I tried to sit up, but as I did, he flipped me over and spread my ass again and began to lick his hot load out of my open asshole.

Before tonight I thought there was no way that a size queen like me would ever be able to have anal sex. But now I think I need to add more anal sex stories to my sexual adventures.

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