Let’s have some fun with anal sex stories!

Anal sex stories are so much fun! Sometimes you just need a little variety in your sex life and a different hole is a great way to spice things up! My boyfriend and I have anal sex a lot, my ass is one of his favorite things about me, so he really enjoys giving it a good pounding with his big black. cock.

He was over the other day and he couldn’t stop rubbing my ass. Finally, he turned me around and whispered in my ear that he was going to fuck my ass. He kissed my neck and told me to take my clothes off.

I stripped for him, ending with throwing my panties on his face. He laughed and pulled me on top of him on the bed. I could feel his cock getting hard as it was pressed against me. It was my turn to lean in and whisper.

I whispered in his ear that he better get that hard cock inside me.

He climbed on top of me and started to rub his cock on my ass. I could feel him getting even harder as he pressed against me. He got some lube and started to stroke his cock. I felt his cock at my tight little hole and he rubbed it up and down, teasing me with the head of his cock.

Finally, I felt his big black cock slide into my ass. He was so hard and he grabbed onto my hips to really pound his hard cock into me. I reached down and started to rub my clit as he fucked my ass. We both knew it wasn’t going to be long until we came.

I could feel him start to speed up as he got ready to cum. He really started pounding me and came deep in my ass. Good thing you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant when you do anal!


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