Anal sex stories -Boys with Toys in their asshole

Anal sex stories- It seems to me that a lot of straight boys are getting more in touch with their assholes. I talk to so many guys who have experimented on getting that anus stimulated. Sometimes straight guys are afraid I will think they are gay because they like ass play.

My answer is I have no clue if they are gay, who gives a fuck? More than likely they are just finding out what really turns them on. I would love more of my lovers to let me stick a finger in or lick their asshole. I just know they would cum harder.

It’s funny how some straight guys have no problem wanting to ass fuck me or lick my asshole, but their anus is off limits. I love when I am getting off with guys on the phonesex and they want to play with toys, vibrators, butt plugs, vegetables, and anal beads to make their orgasm even bigger. Even better, let me pull out my strapon and let me go to town on that tight little asshole!

My theory is we are all just sexual beings- why put yourself in a category? Experiment with what makes you happy. Hell, you may realize you really want a big hard cock in your ass- and there is nothing wrong with that! Call me and lets put things in your ass and let me hear you cum! Just don’t get things stuck in there- (see x-ray pic) that would just make an awkward visit to the ER!

You can still love and adore and crave pussy! Call me and let’s break all of your sexual boundaries!

I cannot wait to play with you ass hole!

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