I know you don’t get bored of anal sex stories…

…and damn, I really have a great anal sex stories to tell you.  Have you ever heard of poppers?  I think they might be my new favorite anal supplement, right next to my beautiful new jeweled butt plug.  I honestly had never even heard of this shit until fate put them right into my hands.  Being a college student is tough, and sometimes we all need a little extra cash, so I replied to an ad in my local Craigslist section for some sort of “medical trial testing.”  Five hundred bucks, and no harm.  Hell yeah I answered.

I went in on a Saturday to a really basic building downtown.  Nothing special, XXX Industries and all that bullshit.  I walked in and started to fill out the forms which seemed normal (Smoker? No.  Marijuana? Sometimes. History of heart problems? Not that I know of) and then they got a little stranger.

Have you ever had anal sex? (Yes, and you should totally check out my first time sex stories for anal?)

Do you enjoy anal sex? YES!  What the hell did I sign up for?

I walked into the testing room and saw a table full of tiny little bottles.  The lady instructed me to undress and gave me a small set of anal beads.  She said that I was to take a bottle, inhale deeply, and then try to insert the beads and give feedback on how easily they slid in.  Simple enough, but WHOA.

It was such a headrush!  I had never felt so fucking good and after lubing up the beads and slipping them in, I realized that I was now more sensitive in my pussy and crack than I had ever been.  I let out a deep moan.  The lady took notes and seemed very pleased.  After it wore off, she handed me another bottle.  This one not as good.  So we tried the last.

Now, before we tried the last, she had another man walk into the room also wearing a labcoat.  He began to undress and reveal his stiff cock while the lady instructed me to sniff.  At this point, I was so fucking horny, my ass practically lifted itself into the air and begged his prick to enter my bum.  I was so fucking high and sensitive that I just kept sniffing, and he just kept pumping, and I ended up squirting all over his cock and the floor.

I left with my $500 and a few bottles for myself.  Want to play?  Or do you have some of your own so that I can stimulate you with some hot phone sex?  Can we get into some poppers fetish phone sex?  I can’t wait to play. I love anal sex stories!