It was a particularly hot day in July about 10 years ago when I got my first (and certainly not last) taste of anal sex stories.

True anal sex stories: one of my friends was having a backyard pool party to celebrate his birthday and I figured it was a good time to invite one of my new ‘friends with benefits’ as my guest.

We met up at the party and I arrived dressed to impress. I was wearing a white crop top over my fire red bikini top, which barely covered my nipples, and a pair of really short shorts, which might have shown my underwear, had I been wearing any. I saw Greg (my plus one) right away. He was wearing blue trunks, and no shirt, showing off his hot body. He was very blonde but had stunning, dark eyes, and they met mine as I walked over. Our gaze was full of desire and I could tell we were having the same sexy thoughts.

Before we could even say hello, he grabbed my hand and led me toward the house. He slowly opened the back door and we snuck inside. We went up the stairs and into the master bedroom. He closed the door behind us and locked it

“Don’t want anyone to catch us,” he said with a smug grin.

He slid over towards me and threw me on the bed. I could feel myself getting wet already. He pulled off my shorts and wasn’t surprised at my lack of underwear. He flipped me over on the bed and pulled my ass into the air. Then he bent his head down started licking my clit, and continued all the way back to my asshole, I shivered in pleasure. No one had ever done that before, it felt amazing! His long licking strides were making me moan. I was wet, wetter than ever before. He started licking around my ass, in circular motions, sticking his tongue inside me further and further with each time around. Slowly, he finally stuck his fingers in, two in my pussy and one in my ass. Waves of pleasure and surprise flowed over my body, I was going to cum all over him…

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