Prostate Massage Was His Real Passion

This guy I’ve been seeing recently, he asked me after a couple of dates how I felt about anal stimulation. He told me he had been reading some anal sex stories.  I of course assumed he was asking about anal sex and if it was an interest of mine. But that wasn’t what he was getting at, he said prostate massage was a real passion of his. He asked if I would I be open to giving him a prostate massage? I’d not really had much practice with it. But I was open to trying. He said he’d had several prostate massage toys for years. And it really drove him crazy and gave him a much better orgasm to have one of those toys inside when he jerked his cock off than just jerking alone.

He asked if I’d watch him masturbate using one to show me. And I said of course. So he led me into the bedroom and opened his bedside table drawer. And there were indeed several different types of prostate massagers in there . He chose one and took it out. He pulled off his clothes and got on the bed and laid on his back and inserted the toy.And he turned it on, and then he became erect without even touching his cock.  And boy did he groan in pleasure. He said it felt so fucking good. Then he Gisele prostate massage 2gripped his cock and started to pump it, bucking up and down and seemingly having a very good time.

He Released A Huge Load

The next day when we were in bed, he got on all fours and asked me if I’d manually massage his prostate. And I got some lube and inserted my index and middle fingers and slid them inside. And I made the come hither motion and he just cooed with pleasure as I began to milk him. His cock was as hard as a steel rod, and he was breathing heavily. as I brought him closer to the edge of pleasure. He was gently and slowly stroking his cock as I milked him . And soon he released a big load of cum and collapsed on the bed and thanked me.

He said he’d been into prostate massage as part of his masturbation routine for quite some time now.  Some girlfriends were very good at it. he said he could cum without his cock being touched at all. And the intensity of the sensations was just incredible for him. The prostate massagers that vibrated were his absolute favorites. And they buzzed away inside of him, carrying him away to a state of bliss each and every masturbation session.I also made sure to read some anal sex stories  to get tips.

Anal Sex Stories Was A Great Source for hot Ideas

The orgasms I gave him when I milked his prostate were a lot stronger than when we fucked. So he started to insert one of the smaller prostate massagers into himself before we would fuck. And with his cock inside of me and the massager buzzing. I could even feel the faint vibrations as well since it traveled through him and into me. So it was stimulating for us both and I’d usually insert it for him before we started. Prostate massage was new to me .I didn’t know a lot about prostate massage before I started seeing this guy, but he’s sure taught me a lot about it.I love

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