Anal sex stories, Drill my tight little hole till it hurts!!

Anal sex stories, Drill my tight little hole till it hurts!! The other day I went to the spa to get a massage and I requested the most muscular good looking guy they have. I told them that I would pay extra and tip well if they complied with my request. So I got to the spa and I got naked and crawled under that thin white sheet. I laid on my stomach and my face was face-down in the opening so you don’t suffocate during your massage.

Feeling pretty relaxed after smoking a fat joint before going to the spa and now just laying there waiting and listening to the faint chiming of some kind of soothing music. I started to think about some kinky scenarios that could happen when he came into the room. Finally, I decided I wanted to have my tight little ass hole fucked so hard it would hurt for the rest of the week. I wanted to remember this! He walked into the room and he was beautiful! He was muscular and tall with hair so long it went to his mid-back. The best part was his lime green eyes that were so bright they practically sparkled.

Anal sex stories, I gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse!

I relaxed as he began to rub my shoulders and worked his way down to my upper back. Ever so slowly he started to massage my hips just above my ass cheeks and I began to moan for him. At first, he hesitated and wasn’t sure if he should keep rubbing my oiled up body. I lifted my head and looked back at him, grabbed his hand on my lower back and made his manly fingers slide between my cheeks. His fingertip brushed my hole and I lost it! I practically came right then. He looked at me for a min a little shocked then pulled off his pants his cock was throbbing and dripping with pre-cum.

He climbed on the massage table behind me and just slid his cock deep into my ass drilling me hard and deep just like I needed. I can’t believe it hurt so good!

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