Anal sex stories always keep me begging for more!

My boyfriend loves anal sex, so we have plenty of anal sex stories, but I like it best when we do it in the dark. Every touch is a surprise, every thrust feels better because you don’t know when it’s coming, every sound is louder with nothing else to distract you; I love it!

I turn off the lights on the way to bed. Once in bed, I pull my boyfriend’s shirt and pants off. In just his boxers, I rub and kiss his cock through the cotton and I can feel it starting to grow.

Suddenly, he grabs my arms and moves me onto my back. He pulls my tank top off and starts kissing my tits and licking my nipples.  Moving down, he slides my shorts down and then my thong. I feel his tongue on my clit, moving in slow circles. Then he slides down to my ass and starts to lick.

He pushes his tongue into my tight little asshole and tongue fucks my ass for a bit. I love when he does this and I know he knows it. He spreads my legs wide and I feel the tip of his cock rub against my clit. It moves down and he slides it into my pussy. He gives me a few good, hard thrusts and then pulls it back out. What a tease!

Then I feel his cock pressing against my ass.

It’s so wet from my cunt that it slides right in. I feel his hands on my hips as he pulls me toward him, getting as deep as he can into my ass. He fucked me hard as I rubbed my clit. It felt so good, I was already about to cum. He started moving faster and I realized he was about to cum, too. I felt his hot cum fill my ass as I came and my pussy juices squirted everywhere.

He collapsed beside me, I could feel him breathing hard.

“Sorry I came so quick, but I was just so turned on.”

I laughed and told him not to worry, we had plenty of time for more anal sex stories!

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