This New Guy I’m Seeing Has An Ass Fetish

I’ve had boyfriends that loved my ass before, but none can come close to my latest one. We all have some hot, anal sex stories, I’m sure. But my current guy takes his love of my ass to a whole new level. He asked me when we met if I was into anal, and I said it was okay . Not many guysGisele anal sex stories 2 knew how to do it so it was also pleasurable for the woman. He got a grin on his face and said he sure did, giving a woman pleasure was his greatest pleasure. And giving anal pleasure, his favorite of all to give. I said ok, we could try.

His Tongue Made Me Squirm

The next time we had sex, he went down on my pussy, which he’s very talented at by the way. But this time I felt his tongue go a bit lower and lick my tight, little asshole .And he looked up and asked if that was ok, I said of course. He worked my clit and pussy with his fingers. While his tongue worked all the way around and within my ass and I was absolutely squirming under him. and he didn’t even ask for anal sex that night. He just wanted to please me with his tongue, which he did very well.

He Teased My Ass With The Head Of His Hard Cock

The next time, he had brought a new kind of lube to bed. One just made for anal that’s thicker than normal. And he asked if he could try to fuck my sweet ass and I said of course. I helped slather his dick up with this special lube. And then he bent me over and teased my ass with the head of his hard cock.Then then popped in the head and eased it in slowly and then all the way in. And I had a vibe on my clit and it felt great, I relaxed as much as possible . I was cumming in no time. It was one of my best anal sex stories I’d ever had. A few others had not turned out as well, or as comfortable.

Anal Sex Stories Really Get Him Going

He is a generous lover and prefers to give pleasure rather than worry about his own. So he doesn’t ask for anal often, but he does it pretty well. And I never decline him when he asks for it . I’ve even grown to enjoy it myself once in a while. He likes to use anal simulators  on himself when he masturbates.

And has a variety of prostate massagers he showed me. He likes to read erotic anal sex stories on erotic sites when he masturbates, or watch anal porn. He’s just always loved the tightness of fucking a woman’s ass, and I am happy to go along with it. As long as it feels as good as he’s making me feel currently. More women need to be open to the idea of anal sex. Some are just no way without even having tried it. It can be fun and feel good. You just need the right partner and some patience!

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