Bisexual Anal Sex Stories

Tonight isn’t really about my anal sex stories but I have an interesting anal sex story to tell. My boyfriend Daniel, recently has been a lazy bum and that’s something that doesn’t work for me. If you live with me you have responsibilities. Work or work for me and it looks like he’s going to be working for me. My jobs aren’t easy, they are rough and sometimes it gets hard but in the end its satisfying. Like any job there is the standard uniform that can change depending on the job. The uniform consist of lingerie and matching panties but I have more. Cross dressing is part of the job! He gets dressed and waits in the sex room for the client to arrive. When the client enters my boyfriends drops to knees and ask how he can please his master today.

Pleasing the master

His master keeps Daniel on his knees while instructing him how to suck his cock. I stay in the room to make sure Daniel obeys his masters command or to assist if need be. Daniel opens wide and slowly inserts his master cock inside his mouth. I could see my client was displeased so I gave Daniel a verbal warning. He tried opening wider but it still wasn’t enough. I walked behind Daniel and held his head still using my hands to pry his mouth open further. At this point I notice my client like having my assistance in roughing up poor little Daniel. I shove his face down forcing him to deep throat that cock. My client was now ready to fuck Daniel’s ass. I watched and helped hold down Daniel while that cock penetrated him.

Daniel got a nice big load emptied inside him but I got paid for it. This is only the beggining of Daniel’s anal sex stories. I’m going to pimp his out to as many big dick bisexual men I can find. I might even become an accomplice and lend them a forceful hand. One thing is for sure I’m going to have to teach him how to handle a cock. How deep do your anal sex fetishes go? Cum share with a phone sex operator you can trust! No limits and no restrictions.

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Kinky Kelsey