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Susan is a very slutty sissy who loves dressing up and getting fucked. She offers her boy pussy to everyone; men, women, and trannys. She’s so nasty, she’ll even let fat losers who haven’t seen their dick in years fuck her. She gets more Anal Sex and dick than I do and I get a lot. It’s so much fun dressing her up like a whore and making her beg for my strap-on. With her, I always have something to do on a boring night.

 She came overdressed like a lady but soon she was going to be looking like a whore.

She had on a knee-length black dress and heels with a face full of makeup and short brown wig. There’s no way she can pass but she tries her best.

 I had her take the dress off so all she was wearing was her stuffed bra, panties, and thigh-highs that were held up by a garter belt. They were all black and they looked kind of sexy on her. I then made her get on the bed and tell me how bad she wanted to get fucked with my big dick. She crawled on the bed and sat there running her hand over her body and moaning as she told me that she’d been thinking about Anal Sex all day.

I knew she had been because her dick was hard and bulging out her panties and she’d sent me like ten texts telling me that she couldn’t wait for tonight. She squeezed her fake tits and rubbed her dick through her panties as she tried to look sexy and desperate. I listened to her as I got out my strap-on and put it on, lubing it up slowly so she could watch and think about what I was going to do to her.

 “Take your panties off and get your boy pussy ready for me,” I told her and she slid her panties off, making her dick pop up.

She grabbed the bottle of lube, put it on her fingers and laid on her back. Susan threw her legs up in the air and reached around to her ass so she could finger it. She shoved her fingers in and out, stretching her hole bigger and bigger. Susan could practically get her whole hand in there by the time she was done and she held her legs as I stood at the edge of the bed. She was ready for kinky sex stories.

 Her hole was already gaping open and I held my dick, holding it against her. I shoved it into her smoothly and quickly, watching as it disappeared into her. She gasped and moaned as it filled her and I started roughly fucking her. Susan cried out, begging me to keep going and asking for more. She rocked her ass forward, trying to get more dick in her and I fucked her harder.

 I slammed my dick into her, tearing her ass up as she screamed and begged. Her dick was hard and sticking up in the air with tons of pre-cum leaking down it. She was so loud and I called her a slut as my dick ripped into her. Her dick was bouncing as I moved in her and her legs shook as I banged her prostate.

She came hard and I roughly pulled my dick out of her. I told her to close her damn legs and start acting like a lady then watched as she got up and cum dripped down her stomach.

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