Anal sex was definitely not in the job description!

I have always been a sexual person so of course I was excited to get a job as a secretary with a sexy male boss. He loved to tease me at work with his dominant nature while I would play dumb and show off my tight little body. We were always very professional regardless of the occasional tease so I never expected to have anal sex with Mr. Andrews at work! He was like a hungry animal as he walked towards me that morning and grabbed me by the back of my head pulling me into a passionate kiss. His tongue tasted sweet and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me.

Biting and licking his way down my neck I eagerly pulled off his belt and let his throbbing member free. I hadn’t felt this horny since my teen sex days.  Mr. Andrews was much gifted in size and thickness and I was eager to have him inside me. In an instant, he flipped me over against his desk and pushed my pencil skirt above my waist. I felt him slide my panties to the side and he seemed pleased with the clean shaven cunt inches from him. At this point, I felt desperate to have him fuck me silly but Mr. Andrews seemed to have other plans for me. Instead of lining his cock with my aching slit he instead began thrusting his entire length into my asshole raw.

I screamed but that didn’t slow Mr. Andrews as he pushed balls deep into my virgin ass hole.

I had never tried anal sex but I was fucking loving it. His cock made me feel so incredibly stuffed full and when he reached down and began rubbing my clit I knew I couldn’t hold back. My moans filled his office as I began to cum hard and within seconds I felt his load shoot deep inside me. Mr. Andrews pumped my ass a few slow times before pulling out. He smiled at me and I knew that this was only the beginning.

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