This slut tries anal sex against her will and won’t be going back!

I was an anal sex virgin and for him to want to shove that big cock inside such a small hole…Honestly, I was nervous. I always considered myself to be a ‘Good Girl,’ but that was before I met Sir. He had a way with words and knew exactly what to do to make you give him what he wanted. Yes, Sir. No, Sir. I was a good girl for Sir and he treated me as such. I suppose he thought I grew too comfortable with him because he decided he wanted to try something new with his little pet. 

Sir doesn’t like nervous. I begged him not to do this, on my hands and knees whimpering for him to take any other hole. He grabbed me by my hair and yanked me to my feet, dragging me to the bedroom. Tears were streaming down my face as he shut the door and locked it. In an instant, he had thrown me onto the bed face down and began tying my wrists to their usual posts. I could feel his hands pulling my red panties down and off my ankles. I hadn’t learned my lesson and was still whimpering into the sheets. Sir slapped my ass hard once, and when I screamed in pain he did it again and again until I settled to just a whimper.  

Good girls do as they are told.

I knew Sir was pleased as he trailed his fingers down to my pussy and started exploring the wet mess he had caused. The next thing I felt made me gasp. He had started licking my tight little ass hole, sliding his tongue around, over and inside me. Sir loved to give me oral sex, but this was new to me.  I couldn’t help but moan and I knew I would soon experience anal sex for the first time. It was so erotic and not like anything I had felt before. I could hear him undoing his belt and pulling off his clothes eagerly as he continued to tease me.

All of a sudden he pulled away and his tongue was replaced by the familiar fat cock I had taken so many times. I gripped the sheets and started to shake as he slowly pushed the tip inside my virgin asshole.  He reached out and dragged his fingertips down my back, making me arch my ass farther in the air. He slid a few inches inside me and I couldn’t help but scream in pain. Another inch slipped inside, and another until I could feel his balls against my dripping pussy.

Please don’t stop…

Once his entire length was inside me I was overcome by how full I felt. It was extremely sexy to feel so stretched and used. He started to pump my ass, grabbing my hips and pulling me deeper. His balls were slapping against my clit and it was all becoming too much. I needed more. He reached up and took a fist full of my hair and started fucking me harder than he ever had before. I was screaming, but in complete ecstasy, as I bounced back against his dick until he started to empty his balls deep inside my ass. He pulled out and admired my gaping hole as his cum dripped out and told me I had been a very good girl. Who knew I’d be such an anal sex slut?


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