Anal sex isn’t something I can say was a tops for me in the bedroom. I could say it was something I didn’t mind. More or less I did it to please the guy I was fucking.

Anal sex finally became enjoyable recently. Literally to the point, I suggest my Dom and I do it! The second time I had experienced anal with him was 2 weeks ago after we had a spanking session. My body was on fire and the lightest touch gave me shivers.

I was instructed to lay on my stomach and wait. My Dom stuffed the head of the Wand vibrator between my legs. I had my hands under my stomach and held the head of the toy against my clit. Switching it onto low my hips bucked upward.

A hard slap hit my ass and the stern order of “stay still” was commanded. How in the hell was I gonna stay still? The intense sensation was becoming too much, it wasn’t even on high. My Dom was pressing the head of his cock against my tight asshole. It didn’t “hurt” but there was a deep pressure.

As soon as the head popped in, he turned the Wand to high. He was being far to gentle, I was actually begging him to rape my ass. Not a single lie, I begged him while tears streamed down my face from the intensity of the orgasm that built inside of me.

Describing this kind of orgasm is rather difficult. All I can say is it brought me to tears and made me scream. Get your lover a Wand! I’m not kidding, this toy is the end all be all! The Wand made me prefer anal sex over vaginal sex when I want to have a mind blowing orgasm! Take my advice gentleman…



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