Anal Sex Was Something He Had Dreamed of Doing – Part 1

Anal Sex is a thrill he has never had.

It almost happened once but he said his cock was too big and the girl said it hurt too much.

Of course,  that’s one downfall of having a big dick.

It seems to be harder to get to do the really fun shit or at least find the right person that can handle it anyway.

That was his issue until he met me!

So, I wanted to show him how good it would feel to have my tight ass wrapped around his thick cock.

He had no clue what he was going to get that night but it’s got to be one of the best first-time sex stories ever!

He bent me over and I took his cock doggy style.

Trust me, hard and deep is the best way to take a cock.

He didn’t have any issues with me taking every inch of his big cock!

I loved when he pounded the shit out of my pussy.

He wasn’t too surprised when I stopped him and made him lay on his back.

Riding his cock is another one of my favorites.

After fucking the shit out of him for a little bit I placed my feet flat on the bed and squatted over his dick.

I bounced my pussy up and down on him a few times.

Then I made it look like an accident when his cock slipped out of me.

Before reaching down to put it back inside me I quickly licked my hand and used it to lube up my tight asshole.

It was so quick that he didn’t even realize I had done it.

Then I grabbed his cock and started rubbing the head of it up and down my wet slit.

In addition to the spit on my ass, I was now using the head of his cock to spread my slick pussy juice onto my asshole.

He still didn’t know he was finally going to get anal sex because this little teasing motion was something I would do to him often.

Part Two Cumming Tomorrow!

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