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“I have a game for you Kurt”. I walk up behind him draping a blindfold in front of his eyes. Then I tie it so he can not see. “Oh and what exactly are we doing?” He asks. I think anal sex but I do not say anything.

Slowly I pull the robe from his shoulders with the tips of my nail. “I want you to enjoy you more of me then you normally do,” I say as the cotton whispers down his body to pool at his hips. “Do not touch yourself, or me, I want you to feel me without your hands. Lay back” I instruct him. Again, with the tips of my nails, I pull the robe away, revealing his cock nestled in his thatch of curls. I watch as it grows, such a perfect size though he does not think so.

Finally, he lays fully exposed.

I went to his head standing next to him I let him hear how aroused I was. I was trembling as I slide my palms across my full breasts, cupping and squeezing them, while my thumbs drew circles around my nipples. Instantly I felt them stiffen and continued to toy with my nipples, stretching them out painfully, rolling the taut flesh between thumb and forefinger. I let out a sigh, which ended in a soft groan and allowed my hands to travel down to my belly.

He turned his head towards my body,

I saw his nostrils flare as I tugged on my landing strip. The delicate petals of my sex pulled open, swollen and glistening, my womanly scent perfuming the air around his head. He groaned as cock jumped spasming. His cum erupting without ever being touched.

I felt my belly draw in, so sensitive to the slightest caress, and moaned softly. Stepping over his face, spreading my legs apart, I smooth my hands over softly curved hips to the crease of my thigh. I brush fingertips across the mound of soft curly hairs, still dripping. Now dripping on his neck and chin I watch as he groans again his body starting to shake as he orgasmed.

My palms slid over my mound,

the middle finger gliding between the neatly trimmed crease, my palm pressing against that tiny bud of pleasure. I slide one finger in me, wiggling, fingering, making a come-hither motion and this brought another moan to my lips and a deep aching feeling between my legs. I fingered the tiny pink bud, teasing it with soft strokes and a vibrating motion until I felt it throb and ache as my next orgasm approached. This one caused a gush of cum to pour from me splashing Kurt’s face.  “Oh God” Kurt exclaimed as he came a third time.

“Please Kitten let me see you let me touch you”

Every nerve in my body is on fire. The slightest hint of a breeze across my nipples, the lightest touch to my flesh brought on feelings of hunger that only One thing could satisfy. I reached down and took off his blindfold. He opened his eyes to see my swollen pussy lips, my tiny rosebud directly over his face.

“no touching Kurt”

I closed my eyes and recalled his hands on my body, so powerful, possessing her, bringing to surface those desires I hold deep. He was fully aware of my need and with the expert touch of a true master, he would caress and tease, bringing me to the edge then easing me back, always in control. I have always been helpless, depending on him, completely at his mercy. He’d worked my body like a fine-tuned instrument until I was begging.

“I can not help it Kitten I need to touch myself… please”

Opening my eyes I look into his and see the desperation in them. His desire to give me control for once, to allow himself to submit, yet he needed touch.

“Ok… you can touch your cock”

I told him. As I squatted over his face… “but no part of you can touch me” I know he could smell the scent of all of me. I had such mean intentions until I could feel every breath he breathed in and out waif over my tiny pinkish brown ass hole. My ass puckered over and over with every breath. When I could take no more I simply lowered my ass straight onto his mouth.

“eat my ass, Kurt, PLEASE eat my ass…”

Without hesitation, his hands came up and held my hips in place. He started devouring my ass. I groaned, low and deep in my throat, I know I sounded animistic. He was always rather demanding of me. I dared not risk his displeasure yet I could not stop trying to get away from his tongue he tongued fucked my ass. Feasting as a starved man. He came again. I felt his roar while his lips were suckling my ass hole.

He thrust me to the side. I fell hard on my side with my ass in the air. Before I could do much more the register the change of position… his cock was thundering in and out of my body with a violent passion that sent me to subspace. I do not know how long it took him to cum the final time… but I know I had done what I wanted… I pushed him past his control…

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