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Anal pounding leaves my ass gaping and cream pied. Easter only comes once a year as you all know so this Easter instead of giving my boyfriend a basket. I gave him what he has been asking for all year. My boyfriend has been begging me to let him pound my tight little ass, but I kept saying no that Anal is a privilege that he had to earn. So Easter morning comes around and instead of my usual basket which is full of beer, weed, toys and some candy because who doesn’t love candy. So I woke up and hopped in the shower I always love to be clean before I get dirty!

I got out of the shower freshly shaved to please my man, I crawled back into bed with him. I started stroking his already hard cock, Gotta love that reliable morning wood and he started to wake up. Before he could open his eyes I turned so that my back was pressed against him, I grabbed his cock and guided him between my ass cheeks feeling his long hard cock pressed up against me. I started wiggling my ass and grinding up on him harder until I could feel his pre-cum making my ass nice and slick.

I could tell he was awake now, He was grinding his cock against me on his own now and I could tell he was turned on by the idea of fucking me in the ass.

“Happy Easter baby, I’m going to let you fuck me Anal,” I said with such a flirty matter of fact tone. The look on his face was pure excitement. He grabbed his cock and pressed it up against my ass and slowly started to push himself inside of me. His hips started working faster and hard inside my tight little ass hole. I could tell how turned on he was because his cock was as hard as a rock. Precum was just leaking out of his cock like a waterfall. He fucked me so hard and good then he exploded a huge creamy load inside my tight little ass. Leaving me gaping from his huge penis and dripping with his cum.

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