I find it very unattractive when a guy is not comfortable with his sexuality. If your not gay, that does not forbid you from having a little bit of anal play. In fact, when you open yourself up to a sexy babe like me playing with your tight booty hole you open yourself up to a whole new world of satisfaction. Take my cousin for example, he was anti-homo anything, but he sure loved his cousin Mallory. The two of started getting super close when we were younger, but now that I had my own place he would come over for big kid sleep overs.

Him and I were making out, and things were really starting to get hot. We went into my room so him and I could get a little bit more comfortable. He peeled back my clothes and I removed his. Slowly I kissed down the front of his body till I got to his ragging boner. I sucked him into my mouth and started to give him heated sloppy head. As my saliva dribbled down his balls I slid my fingers over them and then started to rim his ass hole with my finger tips.

“WOAH MALLORY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” He jolted up shocked to my anal exploration.

“Just relax,” I said pushing him back onto the bed.

“LEAVE MY ASS HOLE ALONE MALLORY, I AIN’T GAY!” He yelled back at me. This brought a smirk to the corners of my sexy lips. I loved that he was challenging me. Of course I knew he was not gay, but ¬†that should not deter him from letting me have a little fun. I grabbed his cock and moved my mouth down to his corn hole. I extended out my tongue and began to lick around the outer wrinkled rim of it.

At first he tried to push me away, then as his legs began to shake and toes curl, he relaxed down and enjoyed he anal rimming. That turned into a finger being in his ass and then POP a put a whole toy inside of him. I don’t think he even considered he was being stretched by a big dildo. As I yanked his cock and pleasured his ass hole his anal cherry had been popped and I was one proud cousin. This was going to be a moment he would remember for the rest of his life, and as he came so hard he busted his load into his face, he realized that as well!

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