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Is there anything more relaxing bubble bath and anal play? The hot water and bubbles tickle all over my body when I sink into the water. It is calming and relaxing. I love it so much! The other day I decided to take a bubble bath the other day when the plumber came over to fix my sink. I mean, what better time to relax than when there is a handy man prancing around. I was laying back in the big tub of bubbles when he knocked on the bathroom door to ask me a question. I cleared my throat a little and asked him to come into the room.

I stayed in the tub with my arms up over the edge and my tits hanging out. He stood in front of me with his jaw opened. I told him to take a picture it would last longer, and then encouraged him to join me instead. He hesitated and marched over to me like he was a zombie. I took hold of the front of his pants and unzipped his fly. Out popped his cock and on went my mouth. He was in his seven minutes of heaven while I was sucking him off. Next I removed his clothes and coaxed him into the tub with me. It was heaven.

Soon the two of us were fucking and making all kinds of a mess in that tub. My favorite moment was when he bent me over the tub and began to stuff his cock inside of my ass. There is nothing better than feeling a cock deep into my ass. He knew just how to work it too. He eventually sat on the edge of the tub and held my legs into the air pounding deep into my corn hole till he filled me up with his large load. Even with a hand full of bubbles I stuck my finger into my ass and sucked the cum from my fingers. I would say this would be a great tip for his maintenance service, anyone would be so luck!

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