Anal Massage Surprise

I never thought when I booked my birthday massage I would walk away with an anal massage surprise!  Can’t say I was upset or disappointed either.  I love anal sex and anal play phone sex, but I never had it in such a sensual manner.  Was so relaxed, calm, and ultimately, unbelievably satisfied.   I had no idea anal play could be so good!

I was so excited to get to the spa.  It seemed like a pretty normal visit, but the girl at the front desk said they had a new guy they were trying out.  She asked if I would mind having my massage done by a male.  Of course I said bring it on.  Why wouldn’t I want a man rubbing all over my tight body?  I was now even more excited then when I walked in.

They take me back and I get undressed.

 That tiny towel is all that is keeping my modesty and I hear the door open.  I glace up and see a handsome man.   His strong arms and an skin was the first thing to catch my eye.  Before I made myself look like a horny teenager, I placed my head back down and prepared myself.

His hands felt as good as I thought they would.  So strong, rough enough to tell he was a man, but soft enough to glide over my skin.  He spent a half hour going over my neck, back, legs, arms… Then suddenly he stopped.  He bent down and whispered into my ear.  He asked if I wanted his to remove the towel and massage my ass.  I stuttered for a second, but said yes to the anal massage.  His hand slick with oil slid over my juicy bubble butt.  He pulled my ass cheeks apart and I felt myself blush.  There was no way he couldn’t see how wet my pussy was.

All I kept thinking was, this is how anal play porn starts.

 His hands were rubbing in and out of my ass, deeper and deeper each time.  He was working the side of his hand against my pussy lips, I couldn’t help but moan.  It wasn’t like a massage moan, this was a sexual moan that told him to keep going.  It told him to go deeper.  I had melted into a puddle on the table.  Just then, he slid a well oiled, thick finger into my asshole.  My eyes instantly rolled back.  My toes began to curl.  All this build up was too much for me to handle.  Lifted my ass off the table, allowing him access to all of me.

I had never had a massage so intense, or anal play so fulfilling in my entire life.  I really hope they never get rid of this mystery man.  Might have to book a session every week!

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