Anal Fun: Hold On To The Good Things

I like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic person.   I mean I think no matter what life throws at you, you need to look on the bright side.  I’ve also found that whenever my man is having a bad day, a big handful my juicy ass will bring a smile to his face.  Doesn’t every man love a girl with a big ass who is into anal?

It starts off with just a grab of the ass but quickly turns to more.  He jiggles my cheeks as he licks his lips, getting ready for his first taste.  He drops to his knees and gives eat one of my round mounds a kiss.  Pulling my cheeks apart, I feel his tongue slip inside.  He slides his tongue from the crack of my butt to the tight little star.  I can hear him inhale deeply, as the smell makes his cock throb even more. Look behind me, his eyes are closed as he savors my flavor.

I look behind me, his eyes are closed as he savors my flavor.

Once my hole is thoroughly wet, its time for him to get a real feel for that sacred hole.  I feel the tip of his cock press against me.  I let out a moan and arch my back just waiting for him to pop that cock inside.  Gripping onto my butt cheeks, he thrusts his hard shaft inside.  My screams fill the room as he fills my anal cavity. He stretches me and fucks me so deep, I can feel him in my stomach.  The tightness of my asshole makes his balls ache and the first drops of pre cum mixed with the lube make his thrust easier and easier,  My thighs are shaking, my pussy is leaking, and I feel him getting ready to fill my booty with cum.  I can’t control it any longer.

 My pussy squirts as I cum so hard and I feel him arch back to explode inside of me.

We collapse on the bed, laughing and elated.  No one can have a bad day after anal sex like that.  My ass, still leaking with cum and gaping open, still feels him inside.  A good butt fuck is hard to cum by, but once you find a girl who wants it in her ass, you better hold her tight.  Its just one of the many good things in life!

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