Anal Gaping – Take My Hole And Stretch It Wide Open!

Anal gaping is when you take your asshole and stretch it wide. And I love when a guy wants to stretch out my tight little asshole. It makes me feel so fucking naughty and I can’t get enough. Please, try and stretch me out.

My tight ass needs your big, fat, throbbing cock. So, please, give it to me! I beg you to fuck my ass by wiggling my ass in the air at you. Your cock grows harder and harder.

You take out your dick but you find that my asshole is a little too tight for you. So, you bring out a nice, big buttplug to help stretch me out. I look at you and giggle as you lube it up to insert it. And moan as you start to push it into my tight hole.

“Please, daddy. Stretch out my tiny little asshole.”

You then shove it into my ass and make me squeal as it pops right inside. Then you smile at me and start to rub my ass and kiss it to make it feel better. I practically purr like a kitten when you do that to me. Then you start to move the buttplug around a bit to stretch me out a little more.

My ass is so tight but I am ready for a bigger buttplug. You pop the one inside of me out and then grab the biggest buttplug I have. I pull my asscheeks apart as you lube the buttplug up. Then you push the bigger one inside of me, anal gaping my tight little hole.

You slap my ass and call me your dirty little whore. Which, I fucking love when you call me that! You know exactly how to get me ready for a good pounding. And then you move the buttplug around again, making sure to stretch me out really well.

“Alright, baby. Are you ready for daddy’s big, fat cock?”

I grab my tits and nod saying, “Yes, please, daddy. Give me your enormous dick!” You smile at me as you take out the buttplug from my asshole. Then you lube up your cock with our favorite lube: Gun Oil Lube.

You take a look at my gaping hole and slowly start to push it inside of me. I take it like a fucking champ, of course. Because it’s always anything for daddy! You lean down and give me a big, wet kiss as you start to pump in and out of my gaping ass.

“God damn. This feels so fucking good, baby. Your ass is still tightening up around my cock.” I smile and grab onto your strong arms as you pump.

My ass is all yours.

You keep pumping faster, harder. And I really get into it, moaning and sighing as I feel you fill my hole with your dick. “Daddy, please cum inside of my tight ass.” You smile and really let me have it.

Soon enough you shoot a fat load into my stretched out asshole. And I smile as it drips out of me. Anal gaping sure is hot! Isn’t it?

If you want some taboo phone sex, give me a ring, daddy.