Anal exploration time!

Anal exploration is fun. I love it when a guy sticks his big hard throbbing cock right into that tight little asshole of mine and starts to slowly fuck it in and out. O the way it feels while he is giving that ass a good long fucking how he will reach around and play with my tight wet little pussy rubbing his fingers up and down as he fucks me doggy style o how I love anal exploration.

The way his throbbing rock hard cock pushes deeper and deeper into my tight little ass and stretches it out. I want him to make my hole gaping. Just stretching the fuck out of it. Make me yours fuck me, deeper, harder. MMMMM the way his fingers tickle my clit as he does his Anal exploration. O god yes faster please daddy give that ass a good beating while you thrust deeper in and out. Gaping my once tight little asshole just popping your dick in and out of it. Making me scream out in pleasure calling out your name begging you to go deeper.

I feel myself getting wetter of the verge of cumming my senses are heightened my pussy is throbbing my body convulses shaking wildly with tremors as you continue your Anal exploration you feel my explode everywhere your ball get drenched soaking fucking wet with my cum. Your cock throbs at the feeling you aren’t sure how much longer you can last your balls are tightening, your cock is throbbing. You know you’re about to blow. You start to go deeper and deeper into my ass exploring every crack and plunging deeper making my moan out again in pleasure and then you explode into my ass filling it with your warm wet goo.

Told you Anal exploration was fun *giggle.
Want to come try it with me?

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