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Yes, this is an anal blog. And OK I know that most men think women do not like anal or painal.

But (pun intended) that is not the case with all women. Personally, I NEED anal occasionally. I will admit I was surprised when I found out not all men like or want anal.

I know, I know. Women are either supposed to not want anal or either consent only to please their partner but not me.

I love a hard cock in my pussy best don’t get me wrong about that. A finger in my ass while my pussy is getting fucked feels really good and always intensifies my orgasms.

BUT I also love getting my ass fucked. I mean come on, if a lady is introduced to it properly the first few times; afterward, she can come to crave it as I do.

And I do have yearnings for getting my back door banged in if I have not had it in a week or two.

The best is when I am having a really good pussy fucking session. And I am cumming over and over, getting the guy’s cock all slick with my cunt slime.

Then his cock just slams into my ass.

And he just keeps fucking me. I have to tell you when that “accidental anal” happens I will orgasm instantly.

And I will keep orgasming as long as he is hitting at the perfect angle. Or his balls are slapping my pussy and/or clit. Slinging my pussy juices and cum everywhere.

Oh man, I love that. But most men stop when they realize they have slammed into my asshole. They apologize or pull out. They as being sweet but it breaks the rhythm of MY pleasure.

I will tell them really quick “Don’t stop!!! Fuck my ass!!”

And it is, believe it or not, rare for a man to actually do it. It is so frustrating as hell because at that point my ass is begging for dick.

OK, I will admit I typically want to be good and lubricated somehow before the first stroke in. I love, Love, LOVE that kind of anal sex. And most of the time a HUGE cock cannot get in my rosebud unless I AM orgasming and have been for a while.

But then there are two kinds of Painal and let me tell you I crave one kind as well at times. When I am fucking a man that has a long thick girthed cock and he gets it into me all lubed up and I have already been orgasming.

His cock stretches and burns and stretches me so much, then there is that hard thrust ramming his cock. It feels like I am being split in two and yet so much pleasure also.

LOL, then there are the times when a guy does not even have to have a very long or thick cock. I will be really aroused by foreplay.

And when it’s time he rolls me over on my stomach or gets me on my knees face down, knees to nipples, ass up… and he just crashes into my asshole with no warning no lube, and no mercy…

Now those times… Yeah, I am into a little pain too intense the pleasure, but this last kind of anal that feels like my ass is still a virgin ass being raped.

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Anal blog
Anal blog

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