An Incest Love Affair – The Forbidden Fruit

His cock pumped into my cunt with a vengeance. My pussy swallowed him whole without a hitch. My pussy was hungry for more incest. After every secret meeting, it was torture leaving his bed to go back to mine. One day we would be together!

My brother and I started hooking up months ago when I found him jerking off alone in his room to pictures of me. I was slightly befuddled when I saw that he was using me as his inspiration to pump cum out of his cock. I never thought my brother looked at me in a sexual way. Incest was something people joked about. I wasn’t joking now though.

This was different though. My brother was sexy, athletic, and could get pussy on the reg. He didn’t need me. He didn’t turn to my pictures because he lacked them. No, he turned to me because he thought I was prime pussy and the kind he thought he would never have. Surprisingly enough when I let it be known I could see what he was doing, I sat on the bed and asked him questions.

My brother kept stroking his cock. I could see him getting harder now that he knew I knew. I tried to ask why. So I tried to focus. The way he stroked his hard long dick only distracted me to no end. I wanted to lick him, taste him and fuck him. He asked me if I liked what I saw. He slowed his hand down and tease me with how much precum spilled out. Then he told me it was all for me.

Call me crazy but I had to taste it. I got on my knees and bathed his cock with my tongue. I pulled more to the surface and greedily swallowed it up. He had me on my back in a flash and pushed my knees up and open. His tongue scored between my soft pussy lips. My clit was so sensitive I could have cum if he licked me again. Only he stood p and positioned his cock to my opening.

He taunted me. Asked me if I deserved his cock? Told me there was no going back once he went in. I was pawing at his legs and begging him to fuck me. I told him I needed him, I needed my big brother to fuck me. With that, he pushed in hard. My pussy lips latched around him and sucked him in deep. He drove in and out with violent force. He had obviously really craved me.

My pussy squirted for the first time when he fucked me. The wetness from my pussy made a squishing sound when his balls would meet my ass. No man can make me squirt as my big brother can. I love how he takes good care of me!

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