Every girl’s nightmare..and every boy’s dream. ♥

I know you can’t look away sometimes when I’m wearing those high heels. The sexy, shiny black bumps that take your breath away when I walk by you at work. And the black pantyhose underneath.. I know you wish you could see the rest of it. But did you know that I do it on purpose? It’s all a part of my little game.. just to tease you. 😉

I know what the dress code at work is. And I like to test it. Just seeing the sheer black stockings makes you wonder what’s underneath the tight skirt.. Looking so primp & proper, but I sometimes unbutton one too many buttons on my blouse.. just to get a little air, and to make you wish you could be a fly on the wall when I get home from work and rip it off.

It’s even better knowing that you’re running in your thoughts all day, imagining what I look like without anything on. Imagining what I can do when I let my hair down, put away those office supplies, and let loose.

It’s all a game to me, teasing you and getting you right on the edge.. I know you watch and want me all to yourself. You wish I’d pull you aside, into one of the closets and just kiss you. Grab your hands and put them on my hips, as I wrap my legs around you.. But it’s all a tease, baby. You know I only act like a good girl in the office.. Don’t you want to let the bad girl out of the cage? I just need you to tell me those three magic words…

“I want you.”

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting