It is so fucking cold in NYC. AlL I am doing is laying around, smoking and drinking black coffee and Jack Daniels and fucking guys on the phone. Even the boys I usually fuck  are too cold to come over. Losers

Last night I called the pizza place nearby and asked if they could pick up more smokes for me at the bodega. When the pizza guy got to the door, I was surprised to see it was the owner of the pizza place. He is this short middle aged bald Italian guy. I would see him lear at me when I drop by the place. He has tried to flirt with me but I just laugh.

So here he is at my door. “What the fuck” I say to him. He hands me the pizza and the smokes, chocolates and a rose. He tells me there is no charge. Sweet, because I am pretty broke. He asks if he could come in for a minute. I listen to him go on and on about how he is obsessed with me and he would do anything for me. I light up a cigarette and look at him. “Then take off your clothes.” He looks stunned, scared and excited. God I must be so fucking bored.

He takes off everything except his boxers. He must think something is going to happen as I sit back with my first slice of pizza. “So why are your boxers still on” I ask him? “I just want to explain to you that it is small…” He starts to say. “Dude, if you don’t pull out your fucking cock right now- get out of here.”

He was shaking as he slowly pulled down his boxers. I took one look at his little cock and laughed. He turned red. I told him I would never fuck him but he could come over occasionally and I would make him stand in front of me naked. He can bring me gifts and I will let him watch me. He looked bewildered but I saw his tiny dick grow a bit. This guy didn’t even know how much humiliation turns him on.

No doubt, he will be back for more. I will make him do things for me and he will because he is weak and pathetic. I will make him do things to amuse me. Make him stroke himself but not let him cum. I doubt I will let him touch me.

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