But Rough Sex, Make It Hurt So Good & Then Give Me More-Part II

Rough Sex continued. He brought me to the very edge and then forced me back. “Suck my cock.” I quickly turned around and put my mouth over his engorged head and began to make his cock disappear. I would be punished severely if I gagged. So I was slow. Inch by precious inch I worked him in. His fingers dug into my hair, leading my head around his cock. “Aaaahhh, yes. Very good.”

The faster I worked the harder he breathed. He was a very skilled lover capable of having multiple orgasms without ejaculation. “Get on all fours.” I stopped sucking him and turned around, compliant. His hands roamed the bare skin of my back and reached around to fondle the sore nipples. But, I could feel his cock pressing against my inner lips.

I Love Rough Sex!

Next, I wanted it inside me so badly that I backed into him. I tried not to be obvious. SSSMMMAAAACCCCKKK. “Aaaaahhhhh,” I yelled! My left cheek was sure to have a large hand impression. “You were a bad girl. Do you need to be punished again?” “No, please, Master.” I could feel his fingers dig into my pussy and then he filled my ass with them while more fingers filled the vacancy he’d just left in my pussy. I was so wet and I wanted to come so badly.

I needed him to fuck me until I came all over his beautiful loving cock. Something hot dripped on each cheek and then I felt something hard rub between my cheeks. It rubbed down to my wet lips and then inside. Followed by the hot drops right next to my anus as he slapped my ass cheek again. Sweat broke out all over my body. The tiny beads of moisture covered my naked skin like a sheer blanket. One of his hands positioned itself on my clit.

Rough Sex Is My Favorite!

It was hard to tell what was where. I think his cock had begun to push itself into my ass and it felt like he had all of his fingers inside my pussy. There was a certain amount of pain. I tried to focus on my breathing and not panic. Of course, I still needed to come, but the electric signals that my brain was sending out were not going to help me.

Then, I wanted to escape. “I want to hear you, my love. I want to hear your pain.” Almost every orifice was filled with him. His hand and his cock kept stretching me. Pain filled me. The skin was slowly being forced apart. But with his hand on my clit, I couldn’t decide where the pleasure ended and the pain began. I was swimming in sensations and he controlled all of it. And then he pushed his hand deeper. I screamed. And then he pulled it out and pushed in with each lunge of his cock in my ass.

What’s Better Than Rough Sex?

“Yes. We’re so close now. We’re almost there. You are being so very good.” I didn’t know where “there” was but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there. He had never taken me this far out. Just a little bit farther I told myself. Just a little bit. My knuckles were white against the bedspreads. It was almost too much. My body felt ravaged. There was nowhere to go.

He was everywhere. Every muscle tightened. I didn’t have anything left to give. And then it came. The Wave. I had no control of it. I had lost. And it hit me with such force that my body rocked and shivered. I felt like I was going to collapse and pass out all at the same time. My juices covered that beautiful hand.

Rough Sex For Us!

It was the ultimate release. “Oooohhhh my god, love….you are so fucking beautiful,” he moaned as he plunged one final time into me shooting his wad into my ass. He laid spent on my back before he slowly expelled himself. I curled into a ball on the bed. And he came back and wiped the sweat from my back and cleaned my ass and pussy. He laid down next to me and held me close. “What time do the kids come home?”

Mature Phone Sex!