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My daughter is standing in front of the full-length mirror taking pics with her best friend, Allie. They are using their phones to take selfies. amateur teen pics are an ongoing thing with these two and most young kids today. I have a great idea to run by them and set the girls down to discuss it!

I start explaining to the girls we could make some good money. Consequently, peaking both their curiosity, they have lots of questions. Reminding my daughter, Jill, of my friend that is a photographer, I explain that we could do some of our own photo shoots and sell the pics.

We don’t need a professional when he taught me the tricks!

The girls are so excited and love this idea! Thinking through how we are going to do the shoot, I send the girls to pick out some outfits. Looking around, I decided we will use the pool, and probably our game room. I am getting things ready and the girls walk in. They look fucking adorable.

Jill is wearing the cutest daisy duke shorts with a halter top. Allie has on leggings with an adorable skin-tight t-shirt. Both girls look absolutely adorable and very sexy! This is going to be so much fun! I love playing with my daughter and now with Allie here we are going to have a great time!

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So I am a family fun mom, and love to spend time with my nephew in the most inappropriate ways. Young family fuck fun is all about sharing the love. Therefore, why not start spreading some love to my daughter’s friend Allie. She is like a second daughter to me. I have seen how she watches me in the pool.

The girls start posing for me in the game room with their cute outfits. At first, the poses are all fun and silly. Then out of nowhere Allie is leaning in and kissing Jill on the lips. Jill is reciprocating and I am realizing these two are playmates already! Woohoo, jackpot for this hot MILF!

I am directing the girls in the poses and they start undressing.

Happily, I keep shooting and the pics are getting hotter and hotter. Allie is caressing all over Jill’s body and she is eating it up.  The pure pleasure showing on their faces make these amateur teen pics even sexier! We are moving right along as the girls are busy with each other.

I just keep taking pics as they are basically fucking each other on camera. They still remember I am there as they look at me with a glazed look in their eyes. Starting to see them get more turned on, I go in for the close ups of those wet pussies. Both of them are dripping wet.

Allie grabs my hand and puts it on her pussy!

I am putting the camera down in seconds. Finding my hand on that sweet young pussy is more than this hot mom can handle. Dropping to my knees so I can really work her clit she is moaning in pleasure. Allie has her face buried in Jill’s pretty little cunt and is working her clit.

The next thing I know, both girls are undressing me. All three of us are naked on the sofa and it is getting hot in here. Allie moves to my pussy and Jill is kissing me. My daughter is an incredible kisser. All of us are making sure everyone is coming together. We are laying there wrapped around each other and the girls smile at me. Both say thank you as they drift to sleep.

I am laying there satiated and shocked at how much fun we just had doing amateur teen pics! Talk about one hell of an experience to lend to taboo phone sex!

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