My friends are amazing! No matter what we are doing, we have fun together. Even when they convince me to enter an amateur striptease night contest with them, at a local club in our town.

Yes, even then. We have a classy stripper club in town. It is the Kitty Kat Club and a lot of wealthy men are patrons. Of course, so are a lot of college guys and girls.

Because the club is nicer, it is a safe place to drink and have fun with your friends. And, it is a favorite for me, Hilary, Paige, and Emily. Sure, they tend to overcharge for alcohol, if you are a guy, hahaha.

On amateur striptease night, they are even nicer with the lady’s drink prices!

Personally, I believe it is their goal to get women drunk so they enter and dance on the stage. And, it works nine times out of ten, too. As friends, Hilary and I do a ton of things together.

Including the night we had kinky club sex. She got us the invite to this private swing club and it was so much fun. It is a high-class place with tons of wild sex and is still a favorite for us.

Of course, we have come to the Kitty Kat Club before. We have just never come on the amateur striptease night. Indeed, we girls love teasing the men here. And, if we feel like it, we may bring them home to play.

We never know what the nights at the club will bring.

A well-off businessman, a sexy construction worker, a UPS driver, a pizza guy, or a married deacon. It can be anyone depending on the week. And, we are not picky or judgmental.

Especially my crazy and wild girlfriends. We all love fucking each other and adding in some guys for the fun is even better. So, tonight is the amateur striptease night and we are all entering.

Hilary and I are dancing together, and Emily and Paige are dancing together. We share everything already, so it is no big deal to share the winnings.

The Kitty Kat Club is even more full than usual tonight.

Of course, I am a bit nervous to dance on a stage in front of all these men. The other girls are so ready to kick ass and win that money. First, a few other girls do their routines for the amateur striptease night.

Then, it is Emily and Paige’s turn. Wow, they are so good and naughty on stage. My pussy is getting wet watching them. I can just imagine what the guys are feeling.

After them, it is Hilary and me. She is so ready to rock this out. Of course, her excitement is helping me be less nervous. As we step out on the stage, I see all those horny men and it clicks.

I turn on my sexy, kinky girl and dance my ass off for the amateur striptease night contest.

Hilary lays on the floor as I grind against her body. Then, we do more kinky stuff with our routine and the guys are going wild. We both know how to use a pole and do it well.

As we are finishing, the bills are flying in the air. Not just one-dollar bills but twenty-dollar bills and hundred-dollar bills too! Hilary and I are making out and playing with each other to get the guys to toss more.

Of course, we won the contest, as well! And, the club lets us use a VIP room to party. We pick out about eight guys and ask them to join us.

Curious to know how crazy we let it get? Well, you have to call me for some hot phone sex to find out! Can’t wait to play with you!