I’ve always secretly wanted to be a stripper. It had absolutely nothing to do with needing the money, or running out of options.. I’ve actually always been a good girl as far as that’s concerned!
Good grades, lots of life options..but the thrill of being a stripper was always a tempting fate. I’m a fucking tease, I’ve always known that! I’d tease my boyfriends alllll day long. I could pretty much manipulate any guy I wanted and get them to like me. All my life I’ve been a little flirt that gets my way…so it’s no surprise that I wanted the thrill of being a bad girl and getting paid for it. Hell, it was a talent! Why not use it?

Some of you guys know that I love to tease 😉 You experience this firsthand if you do a call with me.. but here’s a little story of one of the times I tried allll those sexy little moves in person, with complete strangers! Obviously, I didn’t fuck them, they didn’t get my number, and they didn’t get to come home with me or talk dirty.. (what a shame for them!) but they did get to see a sexy little striptease by me. I decided to take it on as a solo adventure. Some of my friends are crazy enough to do it with me, but I didn’t want the eternal judgement that would follow. So I found a good club and I asked about their Amateur Stripper night..and signed up!
Got the lingerie, makeup, dance routine & confidence all ready to go. I even went there the weekend before, with some guy friends, just to hang out there and get a feel for the kind of club it was. I really wanted the whole deal to go smoothly, I couldn’t imagine it going bad! So when that weekend rolled by, I got there early and got a feel for it all by watching some of the pro dancers before the Amateur night really started. And of course some of the girls who are really there just to have fun really got into it! Things came off that shouldn’t have, ha 😉 And when it was my turn..I got a little more wild than I should have, of course. but with my favorite ‘stripper’ song playing so loud – ‘Crazy Bitch’ by Buckcherry – I couldn’t hold back.
And let’s just say I may have walked away that night with a few questions.. should I take it on professionally? It was one hell of a time!


Can you handle a tease like me?



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