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One summer evening I found myself escaping from reality, as I slipped into a world of pleasure.  I poured myself a glass of wine and slipped into the warm awaiting roman tub. After a long busy day, it didn’t take long for my mind to take over my body. I needed a release.  Closing my eyes I leaned back and slowly started soaping my whole body.  The feeling of the warm water and soap felt so good.  Getting lost, I suddenly let my imagination and my hands come to life.
I couldn’t resist the temptation of masturbating to a few devilish thoughts that were dancing around my head. The scent of the vanilla candles took me away to an enjoyable destination. Closing my eyes and enjoying the moment as my mind wandered off.  I imagined myself being touched by a strong stranger.  There was something so familiar about him.  Did I know him?  Just the way he held me close and caressed my body.  Exploring every inch with his hands and lingering long enough to pinch my sensitive perky nipples.  My body became so aroused I wanted more.
Finally, it didn’t take long before I lowered my hands to my wet hungry pussy, as I imagined his throbbing cock. I softly caressed down my body and between my creamy thighs.  I couldn’t help touching myself.  My fingers explored the outer lips of my pussy, as I fantasized about sucking him into my mouth. Teasing myself over and over. I was horny and needed to be satisfied at that very moment.  The image of the stranger took over my thoughts.  I could feel his very presences and breath with every circular motion I made on my clit.
The image of this perfect stranger ran effortlessly through my head. His throbbing cock entering me with one smooth thrust. He was everything and more. Edging myself, there was no stopping now, as I lowered my hands to my hungry pussy.  I love exploring amateur female masturbation, as I imagined this perfect stranger being the one touching me.  Teasing, as the soft touch of his strong hands, explored my sexy body in pure pleasure.  Slowly pumping himself deeper into me. I wanted more. My heart started to race, as I slipped my two fingers through the slippery entrance of my puffy wet snatch.  Slowly exploring my pussy as I moved my fingers in and out, as his cock entered me over and over.  Gently moaning as I teasing my tight twat, trying to avoid being loud.  That was going to be truly impossible. Nevertheless, it was pointless to keep the volume of my pleasure under control.  The stranger was taking my every being. Even the sound of the cascading water echoed through the bathroom, as I continued exploring every inch of my pussy and ass.
Furthermore, I couldn’t help myself. I was a loud moaner when I masturbate. Pushing myself to the edge of no return.  The whole fantasy was getting me so turned on.  by the fantasy man as I continued giving myself pleasure with my fingers. He was everything and more.  I could almost feel every inch of his cock, as I fucked myself.  Thus the sexual images of the mysterious man danced around my head endlessly.  I couldn’t stop imagining myself being taken by his huge cock between my pussy lips. His pre-cum glistening from his throbbing cock, as he lubricated my hungry hole.  So then the pure pleasure released from my body was so intense that I felt my fingers moving faster and faster.  I exploded and released a moan of pure pleasure as my body continued to quiver.  Hence the experience was incredible and I must say the best masturbation orgasm I ever experienced in my life.
For the most part, It didn’t take long before I came back to reality. Suddenly I felt myself blush at the thought of someone finding out my kinky thoughts.  I discard this idea as being completely silly considering all the naughty taboo confessions I’ve heard from men during my phone sex adventures. Subsequently, the sexy little fantasy of mine was considered extremely vanilla. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Furthermore, I know men who have much kinkier fetishes and fantasies they would love to explore.

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