Amateur Cuckold Sex Stories: My boyfriend sucks, literally

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My boyfriend sucks at pleasing me in bed. I’ve tried so many different ways to make sex with him enjoyable, but it just doesn’t work. I decided I had to one last option, and I am so glad I did. He knew he wasn’t pleasing me but he was willing to do anything he could to change that. So I told him I wanted him to watch and help someone else please me. Since his little dick wasn’t good enough, he didn’t really have a choice. He didn’t know this would be the first of many amateur cuckold sex stories to be told.

I invited my boss John over one night for drinks. I think John had an idea what I wanted from him. He wanted me too. After a few drinks and conversation, I went full throttle with no hesitation. I leaned over and unzipped Johns pants. I told my boyfriend to come over and get it hard for me. He looked confused until he saw the serious look on my face. He came over and got on his knees and started stroking John’s dick. AS he was stroking, I could see he was hesitant about putting it in his mouth, so I pushed his head down and he gagged. It was so fun to see! After my boyfriend had John’s cock nice and hard for me, I pushed him out the way so John could lick my pussy and get it nice and wet.

John slid his tongue between my wet pussy lips and devoured me!

My boyfriend looked so pathetic as he watched my boss please me in ways that he never could. I squirted all over his face, and he loved it. He leaned up and kissed me letting me lick my pussy juices off of his mouth. As he kissed me, he started rubbing his hard cock around my clit. I was getting more and hornier as I felt that hard head massaging my pussy. I couldn’t take it any longer. Then I grabbed his dick and slowly slid it into my pussy.

He fucked me like no other! I melted as he was thrusting his body against mine with his balls slapping my ass. When he told me he was about to cum, I looked at my boyfriend and smiled. John shot a huge load inside of me and I slid over motioning my finger for my boyfriend to come to me. He knew exactly what to do, without me saying a word. He put his face between my legs and licked every bit of John’s cum out of me.

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