My neighbors are kinky as hell! They started out as an amateur cuckold couple, but they’ve gotten so much practice since!

This is a story about my neighbors. Richie and Deb moved in next door about a year ago, and I just love them. Every week, I get together with Deb and she tells me the craziest stories about her and Richie’s sexcapades! This one is their amateur cuckold adventures!

It all started one day when Deb walked in on Richie watching BBC porn. Deb dated a lot of black guys before she married Richie, so the porn definitely turned her on too. When she asked Richie about it, he admitted that he has always had a thing for watching black men fuck petite white women. Being the dutiful wife, Deb offered to bring his fantasy to real life.

Deb and Richie are in their late 30’s. She is blonde, 5’4”, and very petite with huge fake tits. Richie is bald, 5’8”, with an average build. They took to a dating app to find a big black man to join their fun. Derrick answered almost immediately and they had him over for drinks.

Everyone was very nervous the first time. Deb dressed up in a form-fitting green dress with nylons and black stilettos. She had on a lacy black bra and panties underneath. She sat down on the couch and instructed Derrick to come join her. Richie sat down on a chair opposite his wife and stranger.

Derrick was nervous. Deb had to initiate things. She grabbed his hand and put it on her thigh, lifting her green dress up so that he could see her flesh between her black pantyhose garters. With this reassurance, Derrick slid his hand up her thigh and started massaging her pussy through her black lace panties while he kissed her deeply.


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Richie watched as his wife being fondled and made out with by this strange black man in his home. His dick started growing in his pants while Derrick unbuttoned his wife’s dress. His dark hands contrasted nicely against her milky white skin. He pulled her tits out of her bra and started biting and sucking on her hard, pink nipples. Deb was moaning and looking at her husband, smiling as he blushed.

“Take your dick out.” Deb instructed to her husband. Richie didn’t hesitate to unbuckle his pants and pull his raging hard-on out. “Don’t touch it.” She said as Derrick started to lay her down on the couch. Richie sat there, blushing a little, his hard dick sticking straight up, oozing precum, but he tucked his hands under his bottom to keep from touching himself. He was still an amateur cuckold so he didn’t know all the rules, but did what he was told.

Derrick had taken Deb’s dress off by this point. She was laying in her black lace bra and panties, garter, nylons, and black heels, staring at her husband while Derrick kissed up and down her thin body. Richie shifted his weight to put more pressure on his hands as his dick started throbbing. He watched as Derrick pulled his wife’s panties to the side, and slowly slid his he black sock inside her slit. He rubbed on her clit with the head of his cock before easing inside her eager, tight hole. Deb’s moaned in writhed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. She maintained eye contact with Richie while Derrick started pounding her harder and harder, stretching her pink hole open.


“Derrick started pounding her harder and harder, stretching her pink hole open.”


Richie started leaning in closer to get a better view of his big black cock going in and out of his wife’s juicy pussy. “Get on your knees and crawl over here.” His wife saw how intrigued he was. Richie immediately obeyed, he got down to his knees and crawled over to the side of the couch where his wife was being fucked. “Lean in and watch.”

Richie leaned in closer right as Derrick had pulled his whole cock out except for the tip. He steadied his dick in place as he creamed all over  Deb’s tight hole. His thick cum was bubbling out of her pussy and dripping down to her ass while Richie watched.

Deb later told me this was the most boring cuckold they’d done, and have since gotten way kinkier. Stay tuned for more of my Deb and Richie chronicles, or give me a phone sex call to hear more of their amateur cuckold stories.