Amateur college girls have nothing on me and my girls!  We absolutely RULED The Washington, DC area.  In fact, it opened the gateway to the Joey you know TODAY!  Moreover, if you talk to me…you’re ALREADY contributing to my delinquency.  LOL.

There wasn’t a frat in the metro area that didn’t make ME the priority on their party lists but, there were reasons for that.  And then, as with now, I ruled the sex scene and for a young woman on the loose in the District, there was nothing I wouldn’t do!

Anal was at the top of my list of naughties that other women shy away from!  I just LOVE IT!  Moreover, there’s nothing like the tingle that permeates your body as your pucker opens to greater GLORY!  I’m TELLING YOU, there’s no HIGH from any drug on earth like that first hard push.

So, this frathouse of ephebe gents awaited the CUMming of “The Bang Squad” and we were in full-force!  We made our way through the revelers, straight up to the head of the frat’s bedroom.  There were 20 guys pledging and the guys already in the frat.

I walked ahead of my girls to the line of men, then turned, bent and spread my asscheeks and winked my asshole right at them.  The singular moan of the group was AUDIBLE and my girls began to giggle.  So, that was the invitation my girls needed to descend on the men.  We fucked them all night, but they were only able to assist in the fuckery for 2-CUMS each.

They were feeling weak & we had the cure. We fucked until their dicks were part of our asses!

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I Am