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Once upon a Time, My friend Michelle and I were  Amateur  College Girls. We had no idea of relationships or love or commitments. Michelle and I preferred being amateur college girls to being young brides. Michelle always knew just the right things to say to make me feel sexy. I also knew the right things to say to get her HOT.


One thing about amateur college girls is they love to sexually experiment. Michelle and I have been playing with each other for years. My long sexy legs and pretty painted toes always draw her in. So one day, she said that she had a surprise for us. I was curious. So then she started explaining that we needed to dress really slutty to go to this party. I didn’t question and bam! these 2 amateur college girls were sluts!

The party was a typical college party. Everyone wasted and it was around 2 am when everyone started thinning out. I asked if she was ready to leave. Of course, she said yes, but needed to go to the bathroom 1st. I knew she had drunk too much beer. I followed her into the bathroom.

Upon our exit of the lavatory. 5 guys were waiting for us. dicks all out and they were stroking. I got so hot watching them that I wanted to be in the middle, so that’s what I did. Then I got in the middle and dick in each hand and one in my mouth.

I didn’t even hesitate.

Michelle didn’t either. Before I knew it she and I were working so hard to take care of all these cocks. I don’t think us amateur college girls are amateur anymore. Now that I’m a phone sex operator, I love sharing all my dirty secrets with you.

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