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Everyone loves sexy amateur college girls, right? I mean, their tight barely legal bodies ready for you to ravage, now that is a turn on! But isn’t it more of a turn on if they play with each other. That’s where my sex story comes in. See I just started college and I have to live in the dorms. I know, lame! But it is a requirement as a freshman. That means shared bathrooms and to be honest, at first I thought I was going to hate it but now I can totally see why communal showers are the best place for threesomes.

I was running late for my class but I really needed to take a shower. I walked in and there were two other girls in there. Then I started to soap up my body and tried to be fast but I notice the two girls were extremely close to each other. Then, I saw one just get on her knees and started eating her out, right in front of me, right by the sinks. I tried not to look but my teen pussy started getting so fucking wet, I had to join in.

As I walked closer they seemed to not notice me.

One of them, the one getting get pussy eaten had big full tits and dark brown hard. The other girl was a blonde, just like me. I wanted a taste of the brunette, so I just went and got on my knees right next to the blondie. The sexy brunette spread her legs wider and I start licking her cunt too. I went a little nastier though. I wanted to taste her asshole. Sinking my tongue into her bum she started moaning louder and louder. Once she came the fun didn’t stop. OH NO!

I wanted to get fucked and they sure took care of all my needs. They fingered fucked me, tasted my juices and I did the same to them. Once we’ve had enough of each other I finished my shower and went to class. And yes, I was late, but the tardy was well worth the morning lesbian threesome I had!

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