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My girlfriends and I went to surprise my dad at the country club. We were going to beg to use the car since I had recently received my driver’s license. Four super excited amateur college girls were a bad combination for a lot of horny sex deprived middle-aged men. We came bouncing in wearing our nothing there tops and perky young breasts, short skirts, and heels! The looks we got should have stopped us in our tracks but we just giggled and wiggled our butts even more! Some of the men just openly stared but some of the others had the decency to try to look away they just couldn’t.

Tracy said she had to go to the restroom. Eventually, we all just separated and went our own way to look around. I went in search of my Father. After some time, we all found each other, and we were all shocked at what had happened to us! I found my dad but right after leaving him, yes with the keys, I was cornered in the hallway and propositioned by a 50-year-old man! He asked if I would be willing to meet him later at a hotel and how much I would charge! WTF?!? Really, I told the girls I wanted to slap his face! I was livid. That is when the other girls each said they had similar experiences.

That is when I came up with the blackmail!

The girls and I decided we would come back only this time we would be wearing hidden cameras. Soon as we separated we each got propositioned in some way or another but all very rudely! Some of the men when we told our ages apologized immediately and seemed truly ashamed. However, it was not many and most of them seemed turned on even more by the fact that we were just 16 years old! We even let them feel us up a little through our clothes. Everything was caught on video! Each of them soon found a copy of it in their mail along with a note demanding money. They each paid up!

Our blackmail became very lucrative, but we became greedy. By the time we made it to college we were taking the men upon their propositions and fucking them. The amount they were willing to pay to prevent those videos from getting exposed was outrageous! You could say we were amateur college girl whores!

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