Amateur anal sex

Hey all you butt virgins! Are you finally ready to put an end to your curiosities? Well grab the sex toys and get ready. I am your new guide to amateur anal sex. Unlike you I am no amateur at anal play. I am very experienced in teaching you how to pleasure yourself. If you want the best orgasm experience then open yourself up (pun intended) to new horizons. At first it can be scary but I am here to help. Anal play orgasms are so intense. Your body will shake like never before as you release bigger than ever. After I am done you will be addicted to putting things in your ass. Since your new to anal play we will start slow and work up. Now your first step is purchasing a few sex toys that you think look fun.

I recommend dildos, butt plugs and prostate massagers. Things that vibrate will change your world. Also get something like nipples clamps for distraction. Once your sex toys are in your possession then call my phone sex number. I will have you pick out a safe and relaxed location for the best anal play experience. Make sure you have plenty of lube on hand and ready. Once I give the word lube the toy of my choice. Most of the time I prefer to start small with my anal play virgins. Remember those nipple clamps? Time to use those clamps! But if you don’t like nipple clamps there are other options. You will thank me later. After the clamps are on grab your butt plug and lay down bitch. Slowly push the butt plug inside you ass. Keep those knees bend and feet flat on the bed. Get it in!

Congrats on popping that ass cherry!

Your anal play journey is just beginning. Your ass feels full and I know that’s a new feeling for you. You feel slight stretching as it sits inside you. Not so bad, right? Don’t go getting a big boy complex your still no pro, not yet. Your still in the amateur anal sex stage. My help is far from over. Lets move around and experience the full effect of that butt plug. Take your hand and wiggle it around inside you. Then pull it out and push back in a few times. It’s like a tease that is preparing you for what’s next. Now pull on your clamps a little. See how much fun anal play can be? Time for something bigger and better. Take out the butt plug and slip a dildo next to your asshole. Make sure to lube it first! Then slip the tip inside you.

The dildo should be off for the moment and you should just have the tip inside your ass. Just practice pushing the head in and out for now. Told you anal play isn’t so scary. It was all in your head. Now push a little more inside you and turn it on low vibrate. Feels fucking amazing right? You will be screaming thank you for those vibrations by the end. The deeper you go the more you will want. I am going to rock your anal play curiosity. We turn the vibrations up slowly as we break in your ass. Your legs begin to shake as I guide you through fucking your own ass. Stay focused on my voice because I know how to make you cum so hard. The further in we go the more intense you feel things.

Explore the kinky fetish playground

You might even feel the urge to cum before I tell you to. That’s just what anal play does to you! But when you do cum it will be out of this world amazing. Ready to explore amateur anal sex with a pro?

I’ll share my first time anal sex experience with you too! You don’t have to be an amateur to play with me. I can show you new techniques and make you cum harder than ever.