Have you always thought I want to fuck my Mom?

Maybe it is because you think she is quiet bomb,

or pehaps you may have seen her with no clothes on?

Either way, you want her to be your Dom.


It all started when she lost that button on her blouse,

whenever she was on her hands and knees cleaning the house.

Mommy looked at you and you began to arouse,

All you could think about was playing like she was your spouse.


“I want to fuck my Mom,” is the first thing to pop in your head.

Perhaps your dream of taking her to bed?

Maybe you think she would rather be kinky instead.

However, you know you want to start with good head.

Have You Always Thought “I Want To Fuck My Mom”?

Perhaps maybe you can find a little bit of dirt,

make it something that if it got out would hurt.


Then she will have to tug you till you spurt,

and start round two with your Mommy’s skirt.


Your face dives straight for your Mom’s bushy muff,

After all, you know that it’s really good stuff.

Then, after one taste you just can’t get enough,

so you flip her over and decide to get rough.


Her cunt is wet and ready to be plowed,

you’ll try to be gentle, or at least that’s what you vowed.

However with her ass up and her shoulder bowed,

you fuck Mom hard just to really make her wowed.


So hard and roughed you fucked Mum.

You didn’t stop her pussy either you moved to her bum.

When she sprayed you, you knew that you won,

so you filed her milfy pussy with your young thick cum.

I hope you really enjoyed my creative writing Love. Please don’t forget that if you ever think “I want to fuck my mom” come and call Mommy Kay. After all, helping you grow in your sexual experiences is something that I would absolutely look forward to.

Best Phone Sex!