He always cums First- A Cuckold tribute

Cuckold Tribute.

Her bare naked body before you,

Her curves captivating your soul,

She knows how badly you want to,

slip into her sweet little hole.

She scolds you for being so childish,

she requests that you go hide away,

pleasing her is but your only wish,

all that’s on her mind is the fun of the play.

She commands that your naked before her,

She hands you her panties of lace,

You put them on, eager to please her,

knowing that that is your place.

You watch as she dresses for her lover,

You see that her body’s so hot,

You know that he’s going to fuck her,

but even more so, you know that your not.

She smiles, sending you to the closet,

She laughs at your sorrow and shame,

You had her love, but now? have you lost it?

it was her idea, that you play this game.

She told you she needed a REAL MAN,

A HUGE cock was all on her mind,

And now your left fucking your right hand,

and she’s out hunting COCK all the time.

She allows you to watch from the closet,

She permits you to to peek through the crack,

You watch as he makes his deposit,

in her pussy, he DRAINS his full sack.

She moans and she trembles from pleasure,

Satisfied as her needs were fulfilled,

Another man claiming your treasure,

She came HARD as her pussy was drilled.

He kisses her bye before leaving,

He shoots you a wink through the crack,

You can’t help your turned on by her cheating,

Strange cock takes up ALL your slack.

She calls you to come out and to clean her,

Your job is to suck out his cum,

Your allowed to stroke your small wiener,

While you lick and you suck leaving none.

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