Are you perverted enough to remember alt sex stories?

Oh, dear perverts. The early days of sex on the internet fueled my erotic rancor. Do you remember? Before porn existed online, we had alt sex stories, the erotica Usenet newsgroup. As a young, extremely horny, sexual girl, I frequented (RIP) and the alt sex stories newsgroup.

To this day, what I learned from these sites has been gospel.

This is why my fellow phone sex perverts. The differences between people who get their sexual education from erotica, books, and newsgroups and people who learn about sex through pornography are vast. It can’t be denied. The information hits a totally different part of your brain. Porn is visual, erotic education is full body. Perverts who study sex, whatever sex is in your kinky little world, are more confident and better lovers generally. Those who don’t bone up (pun intended) can still be good lovers. But when have you ever been worse off after reading the manual?  

Don’t get me wrong, I love porn.

I love it all. I’ve always watched porn as well. But alt sex stories was there for me as a young slut when I didn’t always have access to porn. taught me how to give an amazing blowjob – which I was able to fine tune by watching a little bit of porn and sucking a lot of dicks, of course. Alt sex stories gave me access to user erotica that was wilder and kinkier than my young mind should have known. But I grew to love sex because of this exposure.

Want to check it out?

Nowadays some of you are huge Literotica fans and I’ve read my fair share of erotica there. But if you never knew alt sex stories and you want to check it out, I highly suggest clicking through. Unlike, it still hanging on and you might have some fun. Sex, even for the darkest, most perverted of you, should be fun after all.

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