I had the time of my life with my favorite threesome kinky Alt Sex Stories playmates.

Telling the perfect dark Alt Sex Stories takes a heated topic. Picking out the perfect old Victorian mansion with my best girlfriend is so fun. Looking around and making sure it has everything we need to tease and please our naughty three-way playmate. Going upstairs to find the perfect bed with posts to tie you down too. Making a list with my girl Carmen so we are completely prepared to have incredible fetish phone sex.

Bringing all the goodies to the mansion later that afternoon felt exciting. Getting all the finishing touches complete before your arrival. Placing the silk red rope upstairs next to the bed, and having the right bourbon ready. Alyssa and Carmen know all the right buttons to push. Having you in front of us gets our focus right on the prize. Lusting over control the way we do has us in a biting kind of mood. The usual hot phone sex is far from the reality of this evening. This time it will be kinky in a supernatural kind of way.

Kissing and biting until we draw blood gives the two of us an urge we’ve never felt before. Growing fangs and a craving for more flesh. Stretching our lengthening tounges until they wrap around our victim’s neck. Squeezing until we hear the pleading for mercy. Setting our sights toward something much more delicious now. Needing his cock wrapped firmly between us. Dripping that delectable precum into our mouths spawns our desire to consume. Harvesting his very soul for our consumption. Tasting his life drain and our strength rise. Allowing him to cum will be the only way he’ll survive this attack of passion.

Making him beg for the privilege again and again before taking our turns on his cock. The two of us bouncing until finally letting him explode his life-giving serum.