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This is how alt sex stories during hot phone sex goes… in his kidnapping rape fantasy… We had pulled up next to her as she walks down the sidewalk….

“ Hi Hun, didn’t I see you on TV?” She glanced at me with those big round green eyes and in the voice of an angel replied, “yes sir, I was on a talent show singing. I didn’t win though.”

I had to think quickly about what to say next. Then I glanced at Dawn; I knew this was my one and only chance to get her in my car either willingly or not. My heart was racing and my mind was a fog of pure lust. I wanted to just pull out my cock and stroke it furiously like I’ve done so many times from the parking lot.

But this time I’m prepared I have the Taser, duct tape, the wire ties, wire tie cutters, the gloves, and the mask all in my back seat. And Dawn to keep her thinking everything was ok.

I stare into those mesmerizing eyes. For a short time draw my gaze down to her sweet little pussy in those tight jeans. I take in every single detail. The dark blue denim, the pink stitches, the exposed zipper with that little bump halfway down.

That shiny button, OMG, that button enthralls me.

That’s where it all starts. I picture her tiny little hand unbuttoning those jeans so she can take them off in front of me. She doesn’t know that yet but she soon will. I can’t stop staring so I look at that pink stitched seam running from below her zipper to meet the main seam in her jeans and continue up her perfect tiny ass.

For too long, I have waited. I have been begging and praying to God to see those seams up close. To see her legs open, spread open for everyone to see that beautiful young pussy behind those seams. To see what is behind those tiny panties. I’m shaking uncontrollably just thinking about it.

Thinking on my feet I asked, “Where are you going?” (but we already knew) I’ve been watching her for months now. She said she “I’m meeting my younger sister Hope. We are going to spend the afternoon at the local Calvary church to do their homework until mom picks us up.”

I showed Jodi a large inviting smile and said, “I know your dad Hun. He is one of my best friends. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if I picked up you and Hope and took you to the church. I am meeting with the pastor myself. I’m helping him with writing this Sunday’s sermon.”

Suddenly her whole face lit up so beautifully.

She became almost giddy and said, “Sure I would love a ride.” As she got in the car she said “My dad told me to never fear a god-fearing man. He said you can always trust a stranger who trusts in the lord.”

For an instant, I almost felt bad for what was coming her way but that instant passed. I knew that I too had prayed to God for many months that I would have this opportunity. So either she or I were getting their prayers answered tonight.  I could assure her it will not be hers or her sisters. Not tonight. Pray to your lord all you want. The only one hearing you and cumming to help is going to be me, and Dawn ~Mike C.

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