To my most of the world, I am a confirmed bachelor but the truth is my life belongs in alt sex stories. My Fetish is beastiality.

Justin is let’s say 18, kind of skinny but cute with Hazel eyes and dirty blond hair. His mom is my sister making him my nephew. And he came to visit every weekend after his parent divorce at 14. I was not interested in little boys, dogs yes, boys no. I have a black mastiff called Brutus, he loves to fuck me. He has a huge cock and fucks me almost every day. I have a hot tub in my home and often I sit in it and later jump out to let Brutus fuck me.

I always made sure if Justin was around I never let Brutus in the same room alone. Justin would often come into the home for a drink after school. Often while I am in the Hot tub, he would come over and talk. I lost count as to how many times I invited him to join me. He always blushed and said no. Shame I wanted to see his package, I wondered if he was uncut or not. Justin never minded if I walked around naked in front of him.

alt sex stories ~Incest had never bothered me

One weekend I went away to a party. Justin would be staying over and looking after Brutus and my home. I left him plenty of food, some DVD”S and gave him the run of my home. I told him not to touch my alcohol.

Well, you see I also have security cameras that I can access anywhere. It was the Friday night. I was in my hotel room and turned on the laptop to check on the home and Justin. As I watched, I turned up the volume. Justin had some rap music blasting out.

“My god he has the music loud,” I said to myself.

Justin was going to my Hot tub. I stared as Justin undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He was wearing briefs and seemed to have a nicely bulged package. He then picked up a bottle of beer and drank mouthfuls.

“Damn I knew I should have hidden that alcohol, I hope he only has the one,” I said to myself.

I was silent; eyes fixed on the screen as Justin slipped his thumbs under his waistband and pushed down his briefs. He was uncut, maybe 4-5 inches but soft, some nice hairs around his cock. He seemed to be very large for such a small framed youth. I watched as he stepped into the hot tub and slowly sat down. For a few minutes, nothing serious happened he fooled around in the rolling water, floating and dunking himself under.

Finally, he got out and was sporting a boner. His cock was maybe 5-6 inches and fairly fat but very upright; it almost was level with his thin stomach. “That’s better, now how about you jerk it off,” I said aloud. No such luck, Justin went to the kitchen and came back with another beer. He knelt down on the step and slumped down onto his chest on the edge of the tub. One hand holding his beer, the other he let his fingers flick the bubbling water.

alt sex stories ~”Oh shit,” I said.

He had let Brutus into the hot tub room. Brutus was sniffing Justin’s body and then went straight for Justin’s unprotected ass. “Cut it out,” Justin said pushing Brutus away. But Brutus did not give up, he kept on trying to lick Justin’s, ass and balls. I could see something changed in Justin. He must have felt Brutus’s tongue on his balls and ass. And he seemed to enjoy it. He pushed his ass out arching his back and let Brutus lick him. Justin put his beer down and started to jerk his cock while Brutus licked him.

“OMG!!!” I had to call him, Brutus may try to mount him. I thought as I dialed the phone.

Damn it, I do not think Justin could hear the phone ringing. I sat opened mouth hoping Brutus would stop or Justin would quickly cum and jump back in the hot tub safe from Brutus. But Justin was enjoying it, he was frantically jerking his cock while Brutus licked his asshole. Then Justin made his big mistake with Brutus, he looked over his shoulder at him. To Brutus and most all male dogs that means yes. Brutus was up and on Justin’s back in an instant. He is a 175-pound dog, a full grown mastiff. Justin was no more than 130 pound. And was no match for Brutus’s muscle strength. Instantly Brutus wrapped his front paws around him and started trying to fuck Justin’s ass. I could just barely hear Justin’s voice above the music shouting at Brutus to get off.

I could clearly see Justin’s face and there was no doubt in my minds what had just happened. Brutus’s cock had hit his target. Justin’s eyes went so wide they seemed to almost popping out of his head. I thought he would pass out, his mouth opened but nothing came out. Brutus’s thrust had found his mark and he was buried deep inside of Justin’s poor ass. Brutus started fucking my poor nephew’s ass like a jackhammer.

alt sex stories ~“Please” I prayed “He’s too small to be knotted!”

Tears started to stream down Justin’s face putting his head down in defeat. Brutus pulled Justin’s skinny body closer and positioned himself tighter to Justin. Justin began screaming at the top of his lungs, again and again as Brutus rode him. I could hear Justin clearly over the music. Eventually, as Brutus moved back Justin’s ass moved back with him, he was locked.

Justin thrashed on the edge of the tub in pain. Brutus stopped moving, Justin continued to scream. It was obvious he was knotted and Brutus was swelling up further locking his bitch tight, getting ready for the next part of breeding. Then it started Brutus licked Justin’s ear, he does that to me when his cock starts to pump me full of his cum. Justin was being filled. Justin stopped screaming, he fell on his elbows lifeless. Brutus cocked his leg over, again another scream from Justin. They have locked ass to ass. Either semen or pre-cum leaked from Justin’s teen semi-hard cock as Brutus finally was able to disengage.

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