Hey there guys! It’s Delilah and I am back again talking about more sex toys!! This time it is more focused. We are talking all about the BOOTY! This phone sex operator is bringing you into the wonderful world of Anal Toys for Beginners. Not only will we go over my top pics for them but we will go over some lube and safety tips! I will be rating the products from no plugs to 5 plugs!

Preparing the first step to Anal toy’s for beginners

Anal toys for beginners.1

The Big Unisex Douche

First thing time to get your prep work in. Now you don’t have to use a douche but some people prefer it. The best thing about this you fill it up with warm water in the shower for easy cleanup! It comes with 3 different nozzles that stimulate while you clean and the bulb is textured and assures an easy and safe grip.

Why I love it!: Easy to clean and I love the fact it comes with different parts, it is also great that it uses warm water so it is much safer than Enema kits that can throw your body out of wack if you use it too much!

Ease of use: 4/5 it takes some getting used to using this standing up alone best to squat for easy use. Made of PVC material use Water Based lube!

Delilahs Rating: 5 plugs! This is good to add to any toy box for anal toys for beginners!

Anal Toys For Beginners: Anal Training Kits

 Anal toys for beginners.2

Adam And Eve Anal Training Kit


This wonderful training kit is great for beginners because it is training your ass to take something and get used to the fullness. These are sleek black toys that add more spicy fun to your repertoire of self (or not so self) Pleasure! Designed with a tapered end for easy insertion and a safety O ring to control penetration and easy removal there is not much more to ask for!

Why I love it!: I love the fact that it has a safety ring to control penetration and easy removal of the toy. The sleek design makes it slide in so easy and just makes my night when I want some anal play! The price point of under 40$  is amazing and makes your wallet happy!

Ease of use: 5/5 Just pace your self this is a solid anal training kit

Delilahs Rating: 5 plugs! This is good to add to any toy box for anal toys for beginners!


Steel Gemmed Plug *Dishonorable mention*

Anal Toys for Beginers 2 anal traning hearts

Now I use to love these cute little but gems but I found out the hard way that these are not Tapered enough to safely stay in place during a nice hard eh hum ride, I would not recommend this for beginners even though it is geared toward them. I would have to say that the cons are they look pretty and easy to clean.


Ease of use/4-5

Delilahs Rating: 0 plugs  I really can’t recommend this toy in good conscious anymore

Vibrating Silicone Anal beads

Anal Toys for beginners

This toy starts small and gets bigger as you go up bonus it vibrates! It also features the safety ring providing control for penetration and a great feature if it was to slip and wonder to far up for comfort. The Vibrating feature is a button push at the end and will help you have some great simulation!

Why I love it: I love love love Silicone! It’s so easy to clean and inserts so easy with my water-based lube!

Ease of use 5/5Delilahs rating: 3.5 plugs I do love this toy but the downside of having to replace batteries kills this wonderful toy for me a little bit but, it is l a great option of anal toys for beginners.

The end of Anal toys for beginners?

Not there are still lots of great options that I didn’t mention this is more of passing this is what I think is fun and good and why they are. As always it just depends on your likes I am just steering you in the direction of the safest toys I have come across,

As always stay kinky my friends and keep an eye out this isn’t the last toy blog!!!


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