Alien sex you have to be fucking kidding me with that shit right? After I went to bed one night a few weeks ago I popped in Syfy movie. I fell asleep just at the point of the hot villein capturing the young sexy girl who was trying to run away.

Sleep came on fast. I remember dreaming about that same blue-colored villain from the movie. My hands covered my face as he came at me in an aggressive manner. I was crouched down and trying to protect myself. Only I felt a hand curl into my long hair.  He snapped my head back and his blue face and black eyes stared down into my soul.

I was afraid and held onto my scream. The alien looked me over with curiosity. He pulled my clothing from my body and toyed with my tits first. I stood as still as I could until his eyes came back to mine. I felt his hand move from my tits down to my pussy.

His one hand clasped around my two wrists in a crushing grip. He pinned my arms above my head and then went back to roaming around my body. He gave me a harsh look and then focused back on my waistband. His hands pushed down and into my pants. His fingers found my slit quickly. I swear I saw a smile play on his lips once his fingers dipped lower to find my opening.

I tried to pull away but he was too strong. He pulled his hand out and let me go for only a moment. He unsheathed his dark blue cock. I froze in fear at first but then I noticed it didn’t look too different from a normal cock. Only another cock came out where the balls should have been.

Both grew bigger and bigger until they looked like snakes moving with a purpose.

Both cock pulsed toward me. The alien took me by the shoulders and held me up. I hung in the air and felt both his cock probe my pussy and ass. Both entered me slowly, I felt a wet goo coat my pussy and ass. It tingled and made my whole body react with a sudden need to be fucked.

The cocks pushed in and out of me like pistons. I felt my pussy squeezing tight, if I knew alien sex could have felt so good I would have put myself in the middle of a cornfield sooner! The alien squeezed my arms harder. I could see his face tense up.  In an instant, I felt a hot liquid pump into me. It sounded like it was raining on the floor below us.

He put me down and his cocks retracted out of my pussy and ass. With a start, I woke in a hot sweat. I felt my orgasm calm. Now I find myself sneaking secret moments to watch alien sex!

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