Xander Wants Human Pussy


Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, there existed a curious and compassionate and very well endowed alien named Xander. Standing 9 feet tall, green and all muscle he was a handsome alien.  Xander’s home planet, Lumina, was known for its advanced technology and harmonious society. However, Xander yearned for something more. A new kind of experience.  Something bigger than him.  A human. Someone who would understand his kinks and let him experiment. An alien fucks a human. That’s what he wanted. Fascinated by the stories of Earth and its inhabitants, Xander embarked on a journey to explore the wonders of this blue planet. He went to find a slutty whore who could take his giant alien cock. He wanted to find a woman, with huge tits and a tight pussy to explore.

The bustling cities and the serene countryside were a stark contrast to the vastness of space. Expectedly, he women on Earth were so beautiful Xander’s cock swelled and stayed hard. With a newfound appreciation for the beauty of the women on this new planet.

An alien fucks a human is a big Earth bucket list item but Xander was committed. Among the humans, Xander found themselves inexplicably drawn to a very young, big breasted, kind artist named Maya. Maya’s tits were like two ginormous melons. Xander wanted to put his long green fingers all over her breasts. Transcending the boundaries of their different worlds, Xander convinces Maya to let him explore her and new sexual experiences.

Finally, this alien fucks a human.

Xander had never experienced fucking before on his planet , and the intensity of their sexual exploration sessions kept him high. He loved feeling the warm vibrations coming off her skin. He loved taking his 12 inch tongue and wrapping it outside, around and within her beautiful pink human pussy. Maya loved alien head. It was the best thing she had every experienced. He took her to space with her orgasms. They became addicted to fucking each other.

The alien only wanted to fuck a human and the human started to fall in love because the sex was literally out of this world. Xander could not feel love. He could only feel pleasure and orgasms. Maya became obsessed with his cold body on hers, working her in very different directions just to satisfy her. But then she wanted more, she wanted all of him.

She wasn’t sure if she could take all of it, but she was horny enough to try… It took days before Maya was able to take all of the aliens 3 foot cock. She had to get used to her pussy being stretched open and destroyed but the taboo enjoyment of an alien fucking her was enough motivation for her to eventually take all of it.

Maya wanted to surprise Xander for his birthday with a new kind of sexual experience…

She wanted to bring her friends to join this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They also deserved to squirt and cum hard and as intensely as she did.  She needed others to experience what she had. Making it out like it was a gift for Xander, however she wanted her friends to feel his long tongue and huge throbbing 3 foot alien cock. There was no way to experience it except by trying it

As you can expect, Xander was thrilled with his gift.. he knew his giant alien cock was ready to take on three human pussies. Xander was an alien. An alien who fucks a human….who then becomes an alien who punishes multiple different pussies at the same time. What a lucky fucking alien…

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